[RPG] Can a Druid cast stone shape to trap an enethe


One of the players was playing a Druid and they cast stone shape. Their goal was to have the stone trap an enemy by making a box around them. I jumped to the spell description to see exactly what it did, and due to the possible over-powered application of the spell being used this way I said that no, it wouldn't happen as you are basically molding the stone with your hands. You cant just slap your hands together, touch the stone floor and have it form around them.

Was the player using the spell in a way that was intended for the spell?

Best Answer

They were using it as intended. The spell's duration is "instantaneous" and does not require handling the stone to form the shape, just touching it to deliver the spell. It can create barriers and boxes.

However, it does not have any provisions for targeting a creature directly with its constructions, and so it does not restrict you in how to resolve such events. Therefore, just as any event in which the success of failure of the effort is uncertain, you're within your role as GM to decide how to resolve the situation:

  • If the caster made a heavy slab protrude from a cave wall attached only by a fragile piece, so that it would break and fall on their foes, you would probably use the falling object rules to determine the chance to evade and the damage.

  • So too, you'd be justified in giving the creature around which the Druid wants to create a stone box a chance to get out of the way, or not, according to your sense of of the situation.

Creative uses of spells are a great part of play, but don't begin and end with the spell description. Any knock-on effects of a spell's use have to be resolved on a case-by-case basis, as with any creative maneuver.