[RPG] Can a familiar attune and wear or use a magic item


Is it possible for a familiar to attune to and then wear or wield a magic item?

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Yes, familiars are creatures and, as such, can attune to magic items so long as they meet the requirements for attunement (For example, the magic item cannot require the attuner to be of a certain class, and the DM must deem the familiar capable of wearing/attuning to the particular piece of equipment).

However, some additional restrictions may apply. For example, if you are playing in D&D Adventurer's League, you are subject to additional restrictions as per the latest DDAL FAQ:

Can my familiar attune to a magic item?

Any item attuned to a creature under your control (familiars, beast companions, etc.) counts against both your character’s limit of three attuned items and the character’s permanent magic item count.

This rule doesn’t imply that such creatures have the ability to attune to magic items. Whether or not a mindless undead creature— for example— can attune to something is subject to DM discretion.

[DDAL FAQ v8.1, p.9]

As this is an official restriction for sanctioned play, it is not unheard of for such restrictions to also be used in home games.

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