[RPG] Can a fighter use their shield as an improvised weapon in addition to a regular attack


Can a level 3 fighter use their shield as an improvised weapon and attack using their bonus action on top of their regular attack?

Best Answer

Yes, you can use your Shield as an improvised weapon

The damage would be 1d4 plus your Strength bonus, the attack your Strength bonus, without your proficiency bonus.

No, you can not use it in addition

As it is not a light weapon, you can not attack with any other weapon in that turn unless you have the Dual Wielder feat.

What you could do

If you take Dual Wielder and Tavern Brawler, you can attack with a shield using a bonus action, and add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll.

What you should do

Take the Shield Master feat, get better DPR (advantage on attacks, plus Dueling Style) and better control, for half the price (spending only one feat).