[RPG] Can a kenku split a phrase and only use a part


The idea that I got is for my kenku character to split phrases and use two or more to make a sentence about what I want to say. Is this possible?

Best Answer

Combine phrases? According to VGtM, they can

"use two or more to make a sentence about what I want to say" — this is how Kenku's "lost voice" curse is described in the Volo's Guide:

Most Kenku use a combination of overheard phrases and sound effects to convey their ideas and thoughts

Split phrases to words and letters? That's unlikely

It seems a phrase is the smallest grammatical unit of speech a Kenku can operate. They use existing phrases (not words) and "variety of noises" to construct their names:

Given that kenku can duplicate any sound, their names are drawn from a staggering variety of noises and phrases.

Hard roleplaying is probably a bad idea in this case

For the sake of speed and clarity, don't try to use only phrases you've heard when communicating with the party. VGtM describes this as distracting:

Roleplaying a Kenku

If you're playing a kenku, constant attempts to mimic noises can come across as confusing or irritating rather than entertaining.

It suggests to describe your character's intentions OOC:

Be clear about your character's intentions unless you're deliberately aiming for inscrutable or mysterious.