[RPG] Can a martial character ready the same maneuver multiple times simultaneously


All the martial classes from ToB have different methods of preparing and re-preparing maneuvers, but the basic mechanics are pretty much the same for all of them (well, maybe just two, except the crusader).

Can a martial artist ready 2+ of the same maneuver at the same time? I've heard people say "no", but RaW looks pretty much the opposite to me.

Best Answer

No, a given martial maneuver can not be readied more than once.

The reason for this confusion is that maneuvers and spells are similar enough in their implementation to make it easy to miss the few ways in which they are different - the ability to prepare a spell more than once being one of them. As seen on page 178 of the Player's Handbook:

[A prepared spellcaster] can prepare the same spell more than once, but each preparation counts as one spell toward her daily limit.

The important part is that no equivalent clause exists for martial initiators.

Having defeated the mental trap of assuming that maneuvers work something like spells, we can re-examine what the text actually says about maneuvers.

ToB page 22 (Warblade):

You begin an encounter with all your readied maneuvers unexpended, regardless of how many times you might have already used them since you chose them. When you initiate a maneuver, you expend it for the current encounter, so each of your readied maneuvers can be used once per encounter

ToB page 38 (Blade Magic):

maneuvers require preparation in the form of exercise, prayer, meditation, or simple mental rehearsal. Therefore, you must choose a selection of readied maneuvers from all the maneuvers you know. Only your readied maneuvers are available for immediate use.

Similar language is used throughout the book. There is no reference to "maneuver slots" or similar terms that are used in Vancian spellcasting.

Instead, the book consistently refers to a maneuver as either known or not known, readied or not readied (and in the case of the Crusader, granted or not granted). There is a defined way for a spellcaster to "prepare the same spell more than once", but maneuvers do not inherit that property.

The act of readying maneuvers is more like the one of iterating through your maneuvers known, and deciding which of them have the "ready" flag and which of them don't than the one of loading a gun with spell bullets, as is the case with prepared spellcasters.

Maneuvers are either ready for use or they are not - a binary condition. There is no defined way a maneuver can be "ready twice".

For those who place faith in the official FAQ, it agrees with this reading.

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