[RPG] Can a paladin stack Divine Smite, Thunderous Smite, and Wrathful Smite


Is it possible to cast wrathful smite then on the next turn use Divine Smite and thunderous smite stacking with the effects of wrathful smite on the first attack?

If not, can I instead cast wrathful smite the turn before and let it trigger the next round on the first extra attack, then thunderous smite on the bonus action for the 2nd extra attack?

Best Answer

You can't use all three on the same attack

Wrathful smite and Thunderous smite are both concentration, and both trigger "the first time you hit with a melee weapon attack during this spell’s duration", so you have to expend one before using the other.

Divine smite has no such restriction, though, and can be combined with either one.

...But yes, if you split the "stack" between two attacks

If you can make more than one attack per action, as with the "extra attack" feature, you can, for example:

  1. Cast Wrathful smite smite as a bonus action
  2. Wait until a later turn within the next minute
  3. Take the Attack action
  4. Make (and hit with) your first attack, triggering the effect of Wrathful smite
  5. Use Divine smite
  6. Stop concentrating on the (now depleted) Wrathful smite and cast Thunderous smite as a bonus action
  7. Make (and hit with) your second attack, triggering the effect of Thunderous smite
  8. (Optionally) Use Divine smite again.

Allowing you to apply the effects of all three in a single turn.

Thanks to @Exempt-Medic for supplying the RAW evidence for bonus actions definitely being allowed in between attacks.