[RPG] Can a PC “loot” a dead monster’s corpse


This is probably a silly question, but I am new to D&D and am unclear on a few things regarding equipment and armor, specifically as it relates to dead monsters.

Lets say that a creature is listed as having leather armor and a short sword in its stat block. When that creature dies, can it be "looted" and a PC obtain that equipment? Or does it need to be explicitly stated in a "treasure" component of an encounter or adventure?

Best Answer

Yes, but it's almost always pointless.

4th Edition has a different conception of items/treasure than do previous games. Treasure, as a component of character, scales greatly with character and is worth very little outside that context. The astonishing increase in purchase costs for common enchanted items means that non-enchanted items are, in my experienced, always glossed over unless they're relevant to the plot.

Functionally speaking, any unanticipated looting that players engaged in should, technically, be subtracted from future treasure parcels. (Make sure to subtract the correct amount though (i.e. the sale price of the item.) Usually, this effort is also not worth the effort.

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