[RPG] Can a rogue multiclass into druid


My young son is stuck playing a 4th-level rogue when he really wants to play a druid. He inherited the character from me when he joined the game and the GM is saying he can't swap characters1 (the same GM who said my cleric can't use a sword because they couldn't in original D&D).

Are there any good reasons why he would be unable to take druid levels from now on, according to the rules as written? Are there any features of the 2 classes that would just clash so badly as to make the character virtually unplayable?

Stats: Str: 10, Dex: 15, Con: 15, Int: 12, Wis:9

1 The DM ruled that he could swap, but would need to come in as level 1, which is really hard in an adventure written for level 4 players.

Best Answer

Optional Rule

Unfortunately, multiclassing is an entirely optional rule, so there is no way to force your DM to allow it.

If the DM allows for it, the character needs to have a 13 in the relevant stats for both classes. In the case of a Druid/Rogue, this means Wisdom and Dexterity.

As for how the blend will work, there really isn't much combat synergy between the two classes. The biggest issue is that Sneak Attack won't work in Wild Shape. From a utility perspective, there's some hope. Wild Shape may be good for getting into and out of places even the Rogue's stealth can't get one through.

Opinion Aside

Frankly, you're not playing 5E clean if your DM is mired in behaviors learned in previous editions - the changes in 5E are deliberate and mostly well thought-out. You should address this issue with the DM before moving forward. Introducing a new player to a "dirty" version of the game is going be problematic if/when he joins a clean 5E game.

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