[RPG] Can a Warlock have both a Sentinel Raven and a familiar


I have a warlock player who chose Patron of the Raven Queen giving him Sentinel Raven and Pact of the Chain giving him Find Familiar. Is this fair? It seems almost like he has two familiars. The spell Find Familiar explicitly states:

You can't have more than one familiar at a time. If you cast this spell while you already have a familiar, you instead cause it to adopt a new form. Choose one of the forms from the above list. Your familiar transforms into the chosen creature.

So, does the Sentinel Raven count as another familiar in this regard?

Best Answer

The Raven is not a familiar.

Nothing in the Raven's write up indicates it a familiar or has that property. It quite specifically states:

Starting at 1st level, you gain the service of a spirit sent by the Raven Queen to watch over you. The spirit assumes the form and game statistics of a raven, and it always obeys your commands, which you can give telepathically while it is within 100 feet of you.

While this, and several of its other features, are in common with familiars, the Raven is separate and distinct from a familiar in the same way a Ranger's Animal Companion is, or a Shield Guardian is.