[RPG] Can a werewolf regenerate lost limbs


Pretty much see topic. My Storyteller was wondering and I figured I'd look around. I didn't see anything in the book about it specifically though I would figure losing a limb is Aggravated damage so they would heal it as a human would (and as such cannot regrow the limb). Is this interpretation correct or am I missing something somewhere?

Best Answer

In First Edition, they can't. In Second Edition, they can.

The loss of a body part, like a limb or an eye, is a potential consequence of taking aggravated damage, whether from severe wounds or silvered weapons.

  • In First Edition, werewolves don't regenerate aggravated damage, so they're stuck.
  • Uratha in 2e heal aggravated damage at one point every four days (p.95). As is detailed on page WtF 94, "Werewolves who suffer from Tilts inflicted by aggravated damage, like missing arms or missing eyes, heal those Tilts when they heal the associated wound." It's an explicit change in the new book.
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