[RPG] Can a Wizard/Artificer teach spells to himself


So I have this Wizard1/Artificer3 multiclass character. Can I craft, say, a scroll of Cure Light Wounds taken from the Bard's spell list and then, as it is an arcane scroll, adding it to my spellbook? What I'm saying is, is there anything stopping me from eventually having every spell from every arcane casting class spell list in my spellbook?

(Note that per the SRD there is nothing from stopping you from adding spells to your spellbook even if you're not high enough level to cast them)

Best Answer

No, a wizard cannot cast a bard spell, even if it is on an arcane scroll that he copies into his spellbook. The first sentence of the Wizard class ability entry for "Spells" is:

A wizard casts arcane spells which are drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

If the spell isn't on the list or a unique spell you've researched and gained DM permission for, you can't use wizard spell slots to cast it.

By the RAW I can't find anything that would prevent you from learning or scribing a non-wizard spell into your spell book if it's on an arcane scroll, but it would be a waste of gold and time without being able to cast it.

Furthermore, the Eberron Campaign Setting Errata File includes the following:

Page 32: Artificer—Item Creation

Magic items created by an artificer are considered neither arcane nor divine.

As the scrolls he makes using the artificer's Item Creation feature are not arcane, the artificer/wizard cannot scribe them into his spellbook at all.