[RPG] Can Ability Score increases caused by magic items qualify me for feats


As far as I know, only a player character's non-temporary ability scores are considered for taking feats, taking prestige classes, etc. Meanwhile, any ability bonus that comes from spells, or magic items that are in effect only while worn, is not counted (except tomes which increase abilities permanently).

So a Fighter with low Int who wants to qualify for Combat Expertise can't use spells or items that gives an Int bonus to raise it high enough to qualify. Is that right?

For example:

Say our fighter has Str 12, so he can not take the Power Attack feat. Suppose he asks for a spell from the wizard to make his Str 16, or to borrow a ring which provides +4 Str from another character. (Or any other method that will provide him a non-permanent bonus). His Str is now 16. Can he take Power Attack with that non-permanent bonus now? Because after the spell duration ends or he takes off the ring, his Str score will be to low again to qualify for Power Attack.

Best Answer

After some search in D&D 3.5 FAQ I found my exact answer with a good example:

A feat sometimes requires you to have a certain ability score, which is the case with Two-Weapon Fighting (it requires Dex 15). A character has, say, Dex 13, but wears an item, in this case gloves of Dexterity +2, and now her Dex score is 15. Can she take the feat and have it be active only when she wears the item?

Actually yes, she could take the feat, but she would lose the use of the feat if, for whatever reason, she loses the bonus from the item.

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