[RPG] Can an Elven Wizard use a bow for an arcane focus


If an elven wizard had proficiency in a bow, could he use that as his arcane focus?

Best Answer

Going strictly by the Player's Handbook?


If you're allowed to use Xanathar's Guide to Everything?

Yes, with a Ruby of the War Mage.

XGtE introduces a number of common magical items, one of which is the Ruby of the War Mage.

Ruby of the War Mage
Wondrous item, common (requires attunement by a speilcaster)

Etched with eldritch runes, this l—inch-diameter ruby allows you to use a simple or martial weapon as a spellcasting focus for your spells. For this property to work, you must attach the ruby to the weapon by pressing the ruby against it for at least 10 minutes. Thereafter, the ruby can’t be removed unless you detach it as an action or the weapon is destroyed. Not even an antimagic fieid causes it to fall off. The ruby does fall off the weapon if your attunement to the ruby ends.

By attuning to this item and attaching it to his bow, your elven wizard can use his bow as an arcane focus.