[RPG] Can an undead character use a paladin’s turn undead ability


I'm planning a NPC for a campaign I'm getting ready to run. The NPC is a paladin who was killed and returned as a revenant. Within the revenant description they mention that some revenants can keep spells or proficiencies from when they were alive. If I declare that my revenant retained his ability to turn undead, is there any consequences of him casting it on other undead?

My thoughts are:

  • he retains the ability to turn undead, as would be typical for a paladin of the level and stats he had.
  • however, if anyone else casts turn undead, he could be turned as well.

I guess I'm just looking for feedback on this idea for a NPC. I know I'm tweaking the typical revenant template, and wondered if anyone saw any pitfalls I should be aware of.

Best Answer

One option would be to change the character's subclass to Oathbreaker from the DMG pp.97, which seems to be tailored to a situation like this.

An Oathbreaker is a paladin who breaks his or her sacred oaths to pursue some dark ambition or serve an evil power.

The paladin replaces the features specific to his or her Sacred Oath with Oathbreaker features.

Rather than turning undead, the Oathbreaker has the ability to control undead.