[RPG] Can an Unseen Servant “wear” clothes, such as a robe or cloak


Is it possible to put a robe or cloak over an Unseen Servant, potentially fooling others into thinking that the Unseen Servant is actually a person?

The spells say the servant is a "invisible, mindless, shapeless, medium force", but it is unclear to me how such "force" interact with clothing.

The servant can clean, mend, and fold clothes, so clearly it can manipulate clothes in some capacities. The servant can also perform simple tasks that a human servant could do, and presumably wearing clothes is such a task.

However, the Unseen Servant is shapeless, so I'm not sure if it would be possible to put a piece of clothing over it.

Best Answer

The aspect of "shapeless" rules out the possibility of unseen servant "wearing" clothes regardless of whether the clothes would lay on them as it would not be in any particular shape, it wouldn't be in the shape of a humanoid or any other medium creature like a dog.

But this doesn't mean that Unseen Servant couldn't achieve the same effect as Unseen Servant could hold up a frame that is in the shape of a head and shoulders of a humanoid and drape a hooded cloak over that frame. As long as the frame + clothes is 30lbs or less then Unseen Servant could be used to carry that frame and to any outside observers it would look like a hooded humanoid.

This bypasses the "shapeless" problem and gives a shape then the only thing needed is a force to hold up the frame against gravity which it's absolutely clear Unseen Servant can do.

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