[RPG] Can any dragon be used for half dragon


I would like to know if the half-dragon template can use other dragons from the various monster manuals like the Ssvaklor (MM3) or Dragon Turtle(MM1) or any other nonstandard dragon (i.e. the ones that aren't chromatic or metallic such as shadow dragons) as the dragon for the template without any additional change to the CR other than that which the half dragon template already applies?

I am curious to know because I'm tired of generic red or blue half dragon enemies and would like to add a little more variety.

Best Answer

You, as the DM, can practically create any template you wish. Your imagination should not be limited by the published rules. Of course, you should pay attention to game balance and such stuff (unless you're feeling quite nasty and your players tolerate your being so. :))

In fact, you can easily improvise creatures on the fly as well. (At least I often do that when running DnD - and my players don't seem to mind. They're in for the story. :)) However, if you feel safer designing your monsters and monster templates in advance, there are resources that may help, such as this official 3.5 article at wizards.com.

As for a more specific answer: I'd say sure, use other dragons for the half dragon template, but pay attention to game balance and world building issues (see the article linked above) when modifying/redesigning the template to suit both your needs and your preferred other dragon (or dragon-like creature.) Know that in fact you won't be using the official half-dragon template but a customized, "house-rules" version of it - not as if there was anything wrong with that. :)

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