[RPG] Can celestials serve evil deities


From what I’ve read, evil-aligned celestials are an extreme rarity, but evil-aligned deities exist. I’ve even heard that if a celestial turns evil, they stop being a celestial. Celestials supposedly serve deities, but it’s never been specified what type of deity they serve as far as I know.

  • Do celestials serve evil deities?
  • Do evil celestials actually exist?
  • Are celestials that serve evil deities also evil?
  • Can celestials be forced to serve an evil deity regardless of their

Best Answer

It is possible for celestials, even the most powerful ones, to be tricked by evil deities. They might become pawns, initially unaware that they are being played with. They might eventually get corrupted and fall. A famous example is Malkizid, a solar who was seduced into betraying Corellon by Lolth, and was later cast into the Nine Hells. Another example (from 3.5e) of a celestial actively serving an evil power was Thah Rhalar, a hound archon minion of Set.

If you want some inspiration about how to modify celestials to serve evil deities, you might have a look at the description of angels serving the God-Pharaoh, who is actually the malevolent dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas, in the Plane Shift: Amonkhet write-up available as a free pdf from WotC. While not legal in Organized Play events, it is still some kind of "official" D&D-5e-compatible material.