[RPG] Can creatures without hands (and as a consequence fingers) use rings


Pretty much what it says on a label. I have a monster for my next adventure that has a pretty interesting ring in his treasure. Since it is intelligent, and would be able to use the ring, I don't see why the ring should be lying there in a chest waiting to be looted.

Monster would use the ring, if it only had hands or even fingers. Hold a second, are fingers even necessary in 5e?

For reference, assume it only has grasping / manipulating tentacles like a deepspawn (although it is not one); Said tentacles are very flexible, capable of fine manipulation, and have varying thickness.

Best Answer

Rings have to be worn... just not necessarily on fingers

In the "Beholders: Bad Dreams Come True" section of chapter 1 of Volo's Guide to Monsters (p. 15), it states under the "Treasure" subheading:

A beholder’s body can’t use many kinds of humanoid-type magic items because it doesn’t have the body parts to wear them; for example, it can’t use gloves or boots because it doesn’t have hands or feet. But a beholder could wear magic rings on its eyestalks or affix a magic cloak to its back, and the items function as they would if used by a humanoid.

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