[RPG] Can diamond dust be substituted for diamonds for material components


Some spells have expensive material components. In the case of restoration(s) it takes the form of 100-5,000gp worth of diamond dust, which seems to be a common spell casting material component. Now resurrection requires a diamond worth 10,000.

They both require diamond, just the form of it changes. Would it be acceptable to use diamond dust worth 10,000 since that should be much easier to acquire than a single diamond worth 10,000? Its also more versatile since you can just keep pouring diamond dust until you run out or have enough than having diamonds.

Best Answer

A diamond worth 10,000 gp is a grand jewel; diamond dust is just diamond dust

An uncrushed diamond can't substitute for diamond dust nor vice versa. That is, the diamond dust that's needed as part of the the material component for the spell stoneskin, for example, can't be sifted, put in a big pile, and used instead of the lone diamond needed as a material component for the spell resurrection et al.

As an aside, Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition mandated a lone diamond as the material component for the spell resurrection et al., but 3.5e changed this material component to diamonds collectively worth a certain amount because randomly rolling such a lone valuable diamond was too rare. Pathfinder returned to the lone diamond but, instead of random gem generation, uses DM-placed gems, recommending that gems valued at 5,000 gp or more be rare.