[RPG] Can Druids tame a dinosaur


In D&D 3.5, the rule book says nothing about a Druid being able to tame or have a velociraptor. Could a Druid tame one and use it as his/her companion?

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Yes, a Druid can have a dinosaur as an animal companion, but with some limitations according to the rules-as-written. A higher-level Druid has more options than just the basic list, as described in the alternative animal companions list. Starting at level 7, a Druid can choose a deinonychus as an animal companion.

But wait, you say, I'm asking about a velociraptor!

Yes, well, there's a funny story behind what we call "velociraptor." A "velociraptor" as they're popularly known is actually deinonychus. The movie Jurassic Park called them "velociraptor" because it's a cooler name, and people have been mixing them up ever since. Velociraptor was actually very small—about the size of a chicken—and not nearly as impressive as deinonychus.

This point is important, because D&D 3.5e calls them by their correct name, "deinonychus". And that precise dinosaur is a rules-as-written legal animal companion choice for a Druid of level 7 or greater. (Other dinosaurs are also on the list at higher levels.)

The caveat here is that the base companion starts out more powerful, so it gets a level penalty in its animal-companion benefits: you count as 6 levels lower for calculating your deinonychus' companion stats, feats, etc.

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