[RPG] Can Locate Object find a specific instance of a common object


Suppose I have had a gold coin picked out of my pocket (possibly among other things). Can I cast Locate Object to find that specific gold coin in order to track down the thief? That is, can the spell distinguish between this specific coin and any other similar or identical gold coins that might be closer to my current location?

Best Answer

This is answered in the spell's description:

The spell can locate a specific object known to you, as long as you have seen it up close within 30 feet at least once, Alternatively, the spell can locate the nearest object of a particular kind, such as a certain kind of apparel, jewellery, furniture, tool, or weapon.

It doesn't require an intimate knowledge of the object - studying its every groove, every line, in detail - it just requires you to have seen it up close, within 30 feet at least once.

Therefore if you're looking for a gold coin that belongs to you, that you've seen up close within 30 feet at least once, in a pile of gold coins that don't belong to you and that you've never seen before then yes, the spell can locate that specific coin.

If you were just looking for any old gold coin then the spell would only locate the nearest one.