[RPG] Can magic weapons, armor, and shields be created without spells


Is there any way to create magic weapons, magic armor, or magic shields without using spells? I'm not asking for wondrous items or anything, just, like, a +2 flaming sword or a +3 ghost touch breastplate?

I know that traditionally dwarves create really nice magic weapons, armor, and shields, and everything seems to imply that they rarely use actual magic spells to create them. The game implies that they're supernaturally skilled or use some kind of ritual (that doesn't require possessing caster levels) to make the items, but I can't find whatever it is the dwarves use.

I just want my warblade PC to be able to create his own magic weapons that have both magic enhancement bonuses and magic weapon special abilities. I want to role-play him making his own weapons, not trusting anyone else to do it right.

Best Answer

There are several options for this. The Kensai PrC allows one to enchant a weapon you have the Weapon Focus feat for (only you can use it, though). A warlock of 12th level or above can use Imbue Item to craft as if he has spells that he actually lacks. Honestly though, I would just try to talk your DM into letting you use your Initiator Level to qualify for crafting feats and roll a UMD check to emulate the spell. Alternatively, Psychic Warriors can pseudo-enchant their own weapons, though this probably isn't what you're looking for.

1 level in the Oriental Adventures Samurai class gets you a sword that you can upgrade yourself. No luck with armor, though.

The Ancestral Relic feat can take care of a set of armor or another item; thanks to KRyan for pointing that out. It actually will save your party money in the long run, because you get a 1-to-1 exchange ratio for any goods or magic items you sacrifice. You can even get the full value on unsellable stuff like stolen contraband.

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