[RPG] Can Prestidigitation light a pipe


First, see 3.5/5e: Should I allow Prestidigitation to ignite Grease (the game allows the Grease to be flammable)?

My plucky halfling likes the toke of a good pipe. I mostly use it for story fluff purposes only.

Can I use Prestidigitation to spark up in Pathfinder?

Best Answer


It specifically states in the prestidigitation spell:

It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of nonliving material.

So within the Rules as written for the Prestidigitation spell, no. It is unable to ignite tobacco. The spell you're looking for is Spark.

Spark states:

You can make an unattended Fine flammable object catch on fire. This works as if you were using flint and steel except that you can use spark in any sort of weather and it takes much less time to actually ignite an object.