[RPG] Can primate animals wear armor


So, one of the players in my pathfinder campaign wants some armor for his gorilla companion.

Since he is wealthy, getting a armorsmith to craft such suit is not out of reach.

Can it be crafted? Probably yes.

Would the animal wear it? Would it give AC bonus just like the humanoid armor?

Best Answer

Yes, animal companions can wear armor. It is usually called barding but the only difference is that armor for unusual creatures is more expensive.

As long as the armor has no armor check penalty the companion doesn't even need the proficiency.

Nonproficient with Armor Worn: A character who wears armor and/or uses a shield with which he is not proficient takes the armor’s (and/or shield’s) armor check penalty on attack rolls as well as on all Dex– and Str-based ability and skill checks.

That means masterwork studded leather can be worn by companions without proficiency.

One thing to note is:

Flying mounts can’t fly in medium or heavy barding.

I guess that would apply to other flying companions, too. It's from the section about barding for horses and the like directly above the armor for unusual creatures section I linked.