[RPG] Can Pun-Pun ascend in 5e


in chat, today this happened:

Sir Cinnamon – There once was a DnD Player / Who wished to be best goblin slayer/ For stats he rolled dice / The results were not nice / and now he's a humble brick layer

And I thought "wait, there was Pun-Pun, the Kobold, who ascended to godhood at lvl 1 in 3.5… but…"

Can a Pun-Pun actually be made in 5e?

Now, what is a Pun-Pun? Just an arbitrary Munchkin build? No, that is not what I wanted to go for. It's the self-made god-like being factor, that I am interested in. Arbitrary high stats are just one factor of godhood, what I always found most hilarious about the Pun-Pun-plan was the shenanigans that lead to him becoming a god or at least godlike being in the end.

Can a (non-divine1-intervention) ascension to (quasi-)Godhood happen at level 1? If not, what is the lowest level a Player Character can force its way into becoming a god or god-like-being?

1 – this is meant to include any higher being!

Best Answer

Pun-pun relies on the very particular wording of the sarrukh’s manipulate form, the shapechange spell, and the share spells feature of familiars.

5e does not have its own printing of the sarrukh, so no wording is available to possibly abuse. The shapechange spell bars you from legendary abilities or lair actions, which manipulate form may well be. And familiars have no ability to share in your spells.

So every single factor that went into Pun-pun in 3.5e does not exist, or at least does not have crucial features. It is extremely unlikely that replacements for any of them will ever be published, either.