[RPG] Can Saving Shield and Bodyguard stack


The two feats Saving Shield And Bodyguard allow you to grant bonuses to adjacent allies who are being attacked. If a character with both feats is defending an adjacent ally would both feats apply? One uses an immediate action and the other uses An attack of opportunity action.

Best Answer

Yes, because their bonus types stack and they use compatible actions.

At the expense of an immediate action and an AoO, you can grant your Ally +4 to his AC for one attack. Note that Saving Shield will last for the entire attack or full attack, Bodyguard only for one attack, though you can use it multiple times a round.

Saving shield grants a +2 shield bonus, which does not stack with any other shield bonuses your ally might have.

Aid Another grants

[...] a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent's next attack [...]

Since no type is specified, it is an untyped bonus. These generally stack with all other bonus types.

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