[RPG] Can someone explain what the “Proficiency Bonus” is in D&D 5e/Next exactly


I am reading the 5e rules, and I keep seeing how you can add proficiency bonus to attack rolls checks with weapons you are proficient in and skill checks in skills you are proficient in, but I can't find anything on what this bonus actually is. How do you determine what the numerical actual bonus you add to your roll is? And at what times is it used?

Best Answer

Proficiency bonus is noted in your character advancement table (in Character Creation file, or PHB p.15) as "Proficiency Bonus", and that is universal for your character level. For example, according to the table, a 3rd-level character gets +2 for proficiency bonus, because the table says so. For convenience of single-classed characters, you can also look up your proficiency bonus for your level in your class advancement table.

Thus, a 5th-level Fighter with Strength 18 (modifier is +4) wielding his greatsword makes attack roll with 1d20+4 (Strength modifier) + 3 (proficiency bonus at character level 5) = 1d20+7.