[RPG] Can spells be cast through a Wall of Force


The spell description of wall of force is silent on the question of whether spell effects can pass through the wall. The semi-relevant part of the description states:

Nothing can physically pass through the wall. It is immune to all damage and can't be dispelled by dispel magic. A disintegrate spell destroys the wall instantly, however. The wall also extends into the Ethereal Plane, blocking ethereal travel through the wall.

How are folks ruling on the question of spells passing through the wall (in both directions)? If the answer is that spells cannot pass through the wall, do you rule that it also blocks line of effect (so that you can't target a spell on the other side)?

Best Answer

Mike Mearls’ unofficial ruling is that Wall of Force does block spells, including lines of effect

Quoting Mike Mearls on Twitter:

Aug 28Jim Miller ‏@pokereleran@mikemearls Is there a line of effect in D&D and does Wall of Force block it?

Mike Mearls – ‏@mikemearls@pokereleran in general, a barrier that stops physical objects stops spells

Rulings from developers on Twitter are in no way considered official rulings, but this is still a ruling from someone who knows the game supremely well.