[RPG] Can spiritual weapon fly


Can I cast spiritual weapon into the air and hit a flying creature? Also, can I summon a spiritual weapon on the ground and have it go into the air to attack a creature that is flying or elevated somehow?

It says you create a floating weapon so I was unsure if it could float up to a creature.

Best Answer

Since it doesn't specify (beyond the fact that the weapon floats) it's up to DM discretion, but I expect most DMs would allow it (I would, mostly because it moves slowly enough that it's unlikely to matter much against most flying enemies).

That said, the Flaming Sphere spell does have specific rules about how large a gap or high a barrier it can jump, so it wouldn't be outside the bounds of possibility for a DM to rule that the Spiritual Weapon can't do that sort of thing because the spell isn't explicit about it.