[RPG] Can Tenser’s Floating Disk be ridden


I know the rules for TFD in 3.5 mention it can carry anything within its weight limit and can be directed by the caster within its range limits, but are there any rules about actually riding Tenser's Disk? I realize the capabilities implications of travel by hovering disk would probably be DM's call, but in general what's the consensus on using the TFD for self-transport?

Best Answer

No, you can not ride a Tenser's Floating Disk.

There is a definitive, and official answer from the WoTC 3.5 FAQ (Pg. 91);

Can you ride your own Tenser’s floating disk?
No. While you could command your Tenser’s floating disk to move close enough for you to sit upon it, it has no ability to move under its own power. It can follow you only at a maximum rate equal to your normal speed.

I would not say that being able to ride the disk is game-breaking or overpowered. Another first level spell exists called Mount that is comparable to Tenser's floating disk. Depending on your need, maybe better. It is also a first level wizard spell. There is nothign to stop you from loading up your mount with jewels or gear, like you would a Floating Disk. You can also compare it to the spell Levitate, which is a second level spell that allows you to float 20-ft. from the ground. There exists a 4th level spell called Greater Floating Disk (Spell Compendium, Pg. 96) which has a fly-speed of 20-ft. and specifically says in the spell description that it allows characters to sit on it and ride it.

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