[RPG] Can the Reverse Gravity spell affect the Meteor Swarm spell


Since reverse gravity is a concentration spell, what would happen if someone casts it, and then an enemy casts meteor swarm on the area in which reverse gravity is in place?

Now, meteor swarm is described as instantaneous, but still specifies it's blazing orbs of fire plummeting to the ground, as meteors do.
So, would the reverse gravity spell prevent the meteors from working, decreasing how they work, or have no effect?

I'd like both an answer that makes the most sense with the rules, as well as an answer that would make the most sense in general for a DM to implement. Personally, I was thinking that the fairest way of doing it would be to half the damage from them.

(This could also be asked for other spells that involve hurling objects; it's just meteor swarm, in particular, that I was wondering about.)

Best Answer

Simple answer: No

Reverse Gravity affects creatures and objects, and a spell is neither (though a spell may conjure or create a creature or object).

And, as you say, any spell with a duration of instantaneous effectively happens without any chance for something to affect it unless specifically noted.

A more 'physical' argument against Reverse Gravity affecting Meteor Swarm or similar spells is that the spell creates the blazing orbs of fire with enough force and momentum for them to reach their targets before gravity can have much of an effect.

After all, even without Reverse Gravity, a spell that launches something at a target doesn't have to worry about gravity pulling it to the ground before it reaches the target!

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