[RPG] Can the Wish spell kill


The Wish spell is a super powerful spell, that can do many things. But if I say,"I wish that this dragon is dead!" or something like that, does it die? The
spell description does not say in favor or otherwise.

Best Answer

Yes, using Wish to wish someone dead is possible and is even presented as an example of a "custom wish" apart from the bulleted suggestions.

However, it is specifically listed as an example where the Wish might not work as the caster intends. Terms of fullfillment of wishes are up to the DM - the spell description states that wishing that a villain was dead might simply time-warp one to future after the villain's passing. The DM can also come up with other ways to make the target dead without effectively killing them, like turning them into a nonliving but equally powerful creature.

So, while the target actually dying is an outcome the DM can give, Wishing something was dead is not a reliable way to kill it.