[RPG] Can Vestigial arms grant Natural attacks


The Alchemist mutation discovery Vestigial arms grants an extra arm.

The text description states

The alchemist gains a new arm (left or right) on his torso. The arm is fully under his control and cannot be concealed except with magic or bulky clothing. The arm does not give the alchemist any extra attacks or actions per round, though the arm can wield a weapon and make attacks as part of the alchemist’s attack routine (using two-weapon fighting). The arm can manipulate or hold items as well as the alchemist’s original arms (for example, allowing the alchemist to use one hand to wield a weapon, another hand to hold a potion, and the third hand to throw a bomb). The arm has its own “hand” and “ring” magic item slots (though the alchemist can still only wear two rings and two hand magic items at a time).

Emphasis mine.

My question is if the Alchemists natural form has claws would these arms have the ability to add natural attacks without anything extra needed? It states you don't gain extra actions but can wield weapons in the arm(s) so would this be different?

Best Answer

The Official Pathfinder FAQ explicitly has covered this discovery (and the use you are suggesting) and has stated that:

At no time can you make a left hand weapon attack, a right hand weapon attack, and a vestigial hand weapon attack on the same turn because the vestigial arm discovery says it "does not give the alchemist any extra attacks or actions per round."

The exact same restrictions would apply if your race had claws or you had some other ability to add claws to your limbs: the text of both discoveries says they do not give you any extra attacks per round, whether used as natural weapons, wielding manufactured weapons, or adding natural weapons to a limb that didn't originally have natural weapons.

Bolding mine. Effectively, if you add natural weapons to the vestigial arm, you can use them only in place of other attacks, and you can never gain any additional attacks under any circumstances.