[RPG] Can we pick a cheaper starting ship and add mods to it at the start


Can a group pick a cheap ship with mods as a starting ship in EotE, as long as the total cost doesn't exceed the 120.000 maximum credit amount for starting ships?

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It's up to your GM

The rules say that the group starts with a ship with a cost of up to 120,000 credits, but not that you have 120,000 credits to spend on a ship and it's accessories.

As part of their Obligation, each group starts the game with a starship. This is the final part of character creation. The GM can choose one of these three ships as his group's starter vessel. Alternatively, experienced groups can select their own ship, so long as that ship costs no more than 120,000 credits and is approved by the GM.

So the players start with one of three possible ships presented by the book, or pick their own ship as long as it doesn't cost more than 120,00 credits. But makes no mention of modifications or equipment inside the ship.

However, as long as that ship costs no more than 120,000 credits and is approved by the GM you can start with any ship you want.

The GM has the final say on what ship your group starts with, he has all the power to allow or disallow a specific ship. If you check Age of Rebellion (p. 111), characters are presented with three different options instead of a single ship worth 120,000 credits:

  • A stolen imperial Lambda Shuttle, which is worth 140,000 credits;
  • A Y-Wing squadron, worth 80,000 each. Yes, that's right, one Y-Wing for every two members of the group (four PCs = two y-wings);
  • A base of operations, which has no listed value but will grant an additional 1,000 worth of gear for every PC. This can be expanded by the supplements published, though;

With that said, when I ran my first Edge of Empire campaign, set in the Old Republic, the players didn't start with a ship at all, but ended the second session stealing a Pathfinder, a ship worth 135,000 credits.

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