[RPG] Can you be cursed with multiple types of lycanthropy


Can a single humanoid be cursed with multiple types of lycanthropy ?

Like let's say a Weretigerboar, or a Werewolfrat ?

Best Answer

I don't see anything preventing this in the Monster Manual or its errata. I also did a very quick search to see if Mearls or Crawford answered this question before and didn't see anything. If anything that isn't against the RAW is fair game, I guess yes is possible. However, that leaves a huge question for the DM: What in the world happens when the full moon rises, especially if the forms' alignments, like those of a werewolfbear, are incompatible?

I think most DMs would rule no, that it is impossible to have two forms of lycanthropy, opting that getting a second curse of lycanthropy either is impossible or replaces the first. Moreover, lycanthropy is already very powerful; getting "cursed" twice with it could really be game breaking.