[RPG] Can you break somebody else’s attunement on a magic item


My players stole a magic item from a Dragon's Hoard but the dragon is still alive and attuned to it. Is there any way for the players to break the dragon's attunement?

Best Answer

Just attune to the item or stay away from the dragon for 24 hours.

The rules for attunement state:

A creature’s attunement to an item ends if the creature no longer satisfies the prerequisites for attunement, if the item has been more than 100 feet away for at least 24 hours, if the creature dies, or if another creature attunes to the item.

So if you are away from the dragon, its attunement will end within a day, or alternatively, just attune to the item:

Attuning to an item requires a creature to spend a short rest focused on only that item while being in physical contact with it (this can't be the same short rest used to learn the item's properties).