[RPG] Can You Concentrate Through a Long Rest


According to the PHB, concentration is broken under one of three conditions:

  1. Casting another spell that requires concentration
  2. Taking damage and failing the CON save
  3. Being incapacitated or killed

So my question is, assuming a spell that can be concentrated on for longer than 8 hours, can you concentrate through a long rest?

Best Answer

That depends on whether sleeping gives you the Unconscious condition.

  • If it does, then you're incapacitated, and your concentration will be broken.
  • If it doesn't, then a long rest doesn't fulfill any of the conditions for breaking concentration, so you will be able to concentrate through your long rest.

According to the DMG, page 248, sleeping does give you the unconscious condition:

You can also apply conditions on the fly. They're meant to be intuitive for you to do so. For example, if a character is in a state, such as sleep, that lacks consciousness, you can say that the character is unconscious.

Crawford also says that sleeping gives unconsciousness.

So, you probably can't maintain concentration through a long rest, unless you're an elf! (Because they don't sleep.)