[RPG] Can you jump in combat


On page 182 of the PHB there are rules describing how far and high characters can jump. However, there is no mention of what type of action jumping is or how much movement it takes to initiate a jump. In the combat chapter of the book there is no action listed that allows a character to attempt any sort of acrobatics or athletics in combat. Which leads me to think if it's even an option. Can you jump in combat and if so what are the restrictions?

In case it's important I was wondering about this when I came across the spell Jump. It simply triples the distance the target can jump and lasts 1 minute. If cast on a martial character with 20 Strength they could jump 60 feet. That kind of mobility could be useful in combat.

Best Answer

Per the rules for jumping in the Adventuring chapter (Basic Rules p64, probably the same section you cite):

each foot you clear on the jump costs a foot of movement.

Yes, you can jump in combat as part of your movement; no, you can't jump further than you could move anyway. Rules as written, the Jump spell doesn't extend this distance.

If I were the GM, I would say that the Jump spell makes every three feet you clear cost a single foot of movement, but that would be a house ruling.