[RPG] Can you multiclass the same class twice for different class features


The way that 5e works, each class has a sub class that dictates a heap of class features. The question here is generally, can a character of a specific class take levels in that same class in order to gain access to the low level features of another sub-class.

The best example of this would either be the wizard or the cleric taking additional levels of wizard/cleric in order to gain access to another domain or school.

Like can a Life cleric take levels of Storm cleric or similar?

If this were allowed, what would the effects be on Maximum spell level and other class level based abilities?

Best Answer


PHB, Page 163, Multiclassing

With this rule, you have the option of gaining a level in a new class whenever you advance in level, instead of gaining a level in your current class.

This wording seems clear to me that you must choose either a different class, or gain a level in your current class. In the case of a cleric, this implies that you cannot start out at level 1 again (e.g. Cleric 1 / Cleric 1), as Cleric is not a new class.

Addressing the specific concerns of Cleric (Life) being the same class as Cleric (Storm), page 45 of the PHB states there are twelve classes, and then lists them in a table. In this table, Cleric is found only once, and there is no special mention of subclasses being different classes entirely.

This was officially clarified in the June 2016 Sage Advice:

Can I multiclass into the same class to pick more than one subclass?

Multiclassing is designed solely for taking different classes. For example, you can be a fighter/rogue, but not a rogue/rogue.

That said, I would talk to your DM. It may be reasonable, for example, to mix and match some of the domain powers at their discretion.

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