[RPG] Can you raise a discipline to 5 at character creation


In VTM a player is given 15 freebie points and the disciplines only cost 7, this seems to mean that you can raise a discipline to 5 dots from character creation which seems grossly overpowered, is there a rule I missed somewhere or is this just something that exists?

Best Answer

Each character starts with 3 dots worth of Disciplines, so if you put all three into the same dot, and then spend 14 of your 15 Freebie points on the same Discipline, you could very well do so. There is a trade-off to be made though.

During the game, buying an additional dot in a Discipline you possess requires Experience equal to the current rank of that Discipline × 5 (or 7 for non-clan disciplines). However, the first dot in any given Discipline costs 10 experience points, which will require you to save up for a longer period of time before being able to obtain a new Discipline in game than it would take to advance a pre-existing one.

There is also this helpful sentence under the Freebie point section that reads (emphasis mine):

These points may be spent however the player chooses — thus the term “freebie” — though the Storyteller is the final arbiter of what she chooses to allow in the chronicle.

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