[RPG] Can you replace Mage Hand with another cantrip after taking the Telekinetic feat and still benefit from the increased range


If an Artificer who knows the cantrip "Mage Hand" takes the "Telekinetic" feat, and then later exchanges "Mage Hand" for another cantrip after they level up, do they keep the extended range that comes with knowing "Mage Hand" when you take the "Telekinetic" feat?

Best Answer

No. You have to have both the feat and the cantrip to get the extended range.

The Telekininesis feat says, emphasis added:

You learn the mage hand cantrip. You can cast it without verbal or somatic components, and you can make the spectral hand invisible. If you already know this spell, its range increases by 30 feet when you cast it.

The plain English interpretation is that, having taken the Telekinesis feat, if you also know the Mage Hand cantrip, then your Mage Hand has a range of 60 feat. It doesn't matter when you learned the Mage Hand cantrip, or when you got the feat.

Three conditions are possible:

  • You have the feat - you get invisible Mage Hand with 30 ft range
  • You have the cantrip - you get visible Mage Hand with 30 ft range
  • You have both - you get invisible Mage Hand with 60 ft range

The opposite, that once you give up the cantrip, you still get the range, is to argue that "if you already know this spell" means "if at the time of gaining the feat, you already know this spell, then its range for you is forever after extended to 60 ft." That is a convoluted interpretation of the language.

However, the most important person to ask is your DM. If there is in fact any ambiguity here, your DM will resolve it.