[RPG] Can you separate a flesh golem and make two separate people


I'm running Descent into Avernus and two characters died at one point. They were morphed together as a flesh golem by an NPC.

The players wanted to stay in the game with their (flesh golem-ified) characters, and it's hell. They could roll up new characters, they'd just prefer not to. We had our laughs about it and everyone thought it was funny when they had a giant weird flesh golem thing on our team.

But after about a week, which brings us to now, they want their characters back to normal and I said sure. Then I stopped dead in my tracks as I realized that I don't think separating a flesh golem is an actual thing.

Main question: Can you separate parts of a flesh golem to make two separate people? If so, how?

The characters are about level 7. It's not an issue if this isn't a thing, I'll figure out a way around it, I was just curious because I couldn't find this on the internet.

Best Answer

Well, you slightly created a rod for your own back here, but strange things happen in D&D!

There is no specific rule for turning a flesh golem back into separate people (funnily enough). But the characters are dead and their body parts make up the golem. Killing the golem would allow someone to separate out the body parts (I recommend a good axe).

Then a cleric could cast Resurrection on the appropriate parts. This spell doesn't seem to say how much of a body is required, but it does say it closes all mortal wounds and restores lost body parts. So I think allowing it to work on half a body would be acceptable (failing that, True Resurrection doesn't even require a body, so that would certainly work).

(Resurrection would be too high level for the party to access cast themselves, but a DM that really wants to provide the characters with an 'out' could always allow an NPC cleric to be sought out. Of course, such services don't come cheap, and the cleric may want a service in return...)