[RPG] Can you still hold 2 non-light weapons even without the Dual Wielder feat


I'm planning to dual-wield 2 versatile quarterstaffs (the Staff of Power and the Staff of Striking).

I plan to use the Staff of Striking as my main weapon, then use the Staff of Power as an off-hand weapon without using it to attack, just for the bonuses and possibly cast spells.

Is this allowed, even without taking the feat or fighting style?

Best Answer

You can't attack with both, but you can hold both.

It's not entirely clear to me, on second read, what you mean by "wield," so I'll just walk through the whole thing:

"Regular" two-weapon fighting requires two light melee weapons, each in one hand. (PHB p.195) The second attack uses the relevant ability modifier for to-hit rolls, but not for damage rolls.

With the fighting style you can now add the relevant ability modifier to your damage roll. Still no relaxing of the requirement that the weapons each be light. (PHB p.72, for example.)

The Dual Wielder feat modifies the requirement: "you can use two-weapon fighting [p. 195] even when the one-handed melee weapons you are wielding aren't light." (PHB p.165.)

There's nothing (shy of encumbrance) stopping you from carrying the two staves and taking the Attack action with one while holding the other. It's just that without meeting the (regular) TWF restrictions you don't have the bonus action with which to make a second attack. It's (regular) TWF that grants you the bonus action in the first place.