[RPG] Can you summon an Elemental Myrmidon, and if so, do you need the armor


If I cast Conjure Elemental at a higher level, could I summon an Elemental Myrmidon? Also, it says they are summoned into armor, empowering them, so would you need some armor to summon one?

Best Answer

Yes, you can summon it. No, you do not need armor.

The Conjure Elemental Spell says that you can summon an elemental of CR 5 or lower. In the 'At Higher Levels' section, it says that the CR of the monster increases by one for each higher level spell slot you use.

Using a 7th level spell slot to cast Conjure Elemental would allow you to summon an elemental of CR 7. It is my understanding that the Elemental Myrmidons are CR 7, so it would be possible to summon one using this spell.

You would not need special armor for the summoning, as the spell description makes no mention of additional components beyond those listed.