[RPG] Can you throw more than one weapon per turn


How do thrown weapons interact with the Extra Attack feature? Can you throw more than one weapon per turn?

How about two-weapon fighting? Do you need the Dual-Wielder feat to throw two weapons every turn?

Best Answer

Throwing multiple weapons in a turn is limited by the action economy. The rules say you can only interact with 1 object for free on your turn (PHB 190). Any other object interactions require a full action.

This is different from grabbing arrows/bolts as bows and crossbows have the Ammunition property, which has the specific rule that grabbing ammo for these weapons is fee. Thrown weapons do not have the Ammunition property that grants this. However, do note that the thrown weapon fighting style grants free weapon drawing for thrown weapons allowing you to throw as many weapons as you have attacks.

The rules for two weapon fighting specifically allow thrown weapons to be used for both the first attack and the bonus action attack.

So how many weapons can you throw? Without any additional features it depends on what you start your turn holding and the number of attacks you can make.

  • Starting empty handed you can only draw a weapon and throw it for 1 attack.
  • Starting with a single weapon drawn you can throw it, draw, then throw again for 2 attacks (possible through two weapon fighting if both weapons are light, if not you must have a feature that grants an additional attack).
  • Starting with two weapons drawn, throw first, throw second, draw, then throw for 3 attacks (must have a feature that grants an additional attack if using two weapon fighting, or have features that grant 3 attacks if weapons are not light) .