[RPG] Can you trigger the Ranger’s Colossus Slayer with two-weapon-fighting in the same turn


Colossus Slayer only triggers if you attack a target which doesn't have it's full hit points (meaning they took damage in this fight already).

Would damaging the target with an Attack Action make it possible to then use Colossus Slayer with a bonus action off-hand attack because the opponent doesn't have full hit points anymore?

This would basically mean that a ranger could use Colossus Slayer on nearly every turn except if the Attack Action misses or kills the opponent.

Best Answer


It does not matter for Colossus Slayer where the damage had come from and when. The enemy does not have to be missing HP at the start of your turn, but when you deal damage to him. It can certainly come from your own previous attack. Do not forget that you can still only deal the extra damage once a turn.