[RPG] Can you use Magical Secrets to choose high level spells when multiclassing as a Bard


Say you have a Wizard 7/Bard 9. You gain your 17th level and choose to gain the level in Bard (which grants you Magical Secrets). According to the Multiclass Spellcaster: Spell Slots per Spell Level table, you now have a single 9th level spell slot. Can the spells you choose from Magical Secrets be 9th level spells even though you can only cast up to 5th level Bard spells?

Best Answer

No. Magical Secrets specifies that the spells you learn from it must be

of a level you can cast, as shown on the Bard table, or a cantrip.

As a 10th-level Bard, you can only learn spells up to 5th level using Magical Secrets, even if you also have other levels in another spellcasting class.