[RPG] Can you use your free object interaction while restrained


If a character is restrained, like being in the gullet of a froghemoth, and they attempt to pull out a different weapon, I assume they could drop what they were holding, but since their speed is zero, can they pull out another item for free?

For instance, a character drops a dagger and pulls out a magical wand to use. If they used the dagger, I can see that it was in their hands and the disadvantage imposed would be the crap windup in the stomach of a monster. Can they simply drop the weapon and pull out the wand for free?

Best Answer

RAW, you can

being restrained does not prevent you from using free object interaction


depending on how the restrained condition is being applied, the DM is within their right to apply additional restriction or requirement to fit the narrative.

For example, if you are restrained because a guard bound around your arms with rope, it makes sense if you can't draw your wand or weapon, or do so after successfully pass a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check.