[RPG] Casting Feather Fall on an ballista bolt


Can casting feather fall on a ballista bolt make it travel farther?

Feather fall makes objects fall 60ft/round, but only vertically. So, if I cast it on the ammunition then fire, it would fall only 60 ft/round, meaning that it will fly farther because most of its velocity is horizontal, not vertical. I suspect that from a tower, it can hit the walls of a castle 1,200,000 feet away.

Would this work? Assume a caster level of 20, so it can be fire from a (20×60 =) 1200 foot-high tower and travel horizontally ×1000 faster than vertically.

Best Answer

If you can cast Feather Fall on an arrow, then it's easy to determine the ranges which it can be fired.

Each round, the arrow will drop 60ft, and travel roughly 1200ft horizontally (value taken from Yahoo Answers)

So if you fire from on top of a 1200ft-high tower, your arrow will fly for 1200/60=20 rounds, travelling a total of 20x1200=24,000 feet. This is assuming there are no hills, uneven terrain, and no wind to affect the flight of the arrow.

So in conclusion, the arrow will fly 24,000ft, not 1,200,000ft like in the question, and it will also take 20 rounds to reach its target.

[Note, this is for a longbow arrow, not a balista arrow, but I doubt there will be much difference in flight speed.]