[RPG] Castles construction costs in D&D


I remember in the original AD&D books there was something on the prices of building a castle. Cost for a tower, a length of wall, a drawbridge etc. Does anyone recall this, or know where I can find it (or a better version)? I want to bring in castle building for my team of players.

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There was a 3.0 version, the Stronghold Builder's Guide, that is probably more relevant to 3.5. Given the nature of the material, I don't think it would require much of an update. (Unless the wealth guidelines changed dramatically between editions?)

The AD&D book you're remembering is 2nd edition's Castle Guide. I think I actually have a copy of that stashed somewhere in my parent's place, though I haven't seen it in years. :)

Some of the reviews on Amazon indicate that it used to be available for free from TSR's homepage. (One of the reviews is from 1997!) I doubt WotC has it up, though.

There were also prices and DMing guidelines for castle-building by players in the 1st edition DMG, pp. 106–108.

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